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Howdy all,


Long time no blog. Its winter, I’ve been hibernating. Not exactly, just working very hard. The new album is well under way, though it can feel like chipping away at a mountain with a toothpick at times. That is just the way things are. I’d still love to have it out this year but there’s a lot of work yet to be done. It is sounding very encouraging though I must say. Enough! Talking of unfinished projects blunts one’s sense of purpose. I’ll talk more about it when it gets closer to the finish line.


In the mean time, I’ve been viewing these clips at the link below and thought I’d spread the word.


It’s well worth going right through the series to episode 19 if you have a few hours to spare—compelling and non-sensationalist but sobering.


Episode 20 can be viewed here


The situation is hopeless, not serious.


I find it comforting that as a civilisation we now travel the world to view ruins of ancient cultures in far distant lands. But what is the future of some of the world’s mega-cities (and more grow up each passing year) that rely on oil in order for them to function (or not as the case may be)?


Ruins perhaps? But of course!



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