Long Blog postlude

Long blog postlude

24 hour diary in the style of Mr Braunias

Wednesday 3 p.m.
Preparing a programme note on Mahler?s 4th Symphony for an upcoming concert by the local orchestra. In Natalie Bauer-Lechner?s memoires (his confident at the time) she records he complained he?d belatedly found two ?reminiscences? (from Brahms, who in turn had borrowed it from Weber, and Beethoven) that he hadn?t noticed, but it was too late to remove them. Merde!

4.30 p.m.
Driving. Beethoven String Quartet on car stereo. When his publisher at the time inquired of its substance B alarmed him with, ?just some plagiarised odds and ends.?

4.50 p.m.
Catch the tail end of some band on Letterman. Folky, rootsy stuff. Lyrics about desire or some such, towards the end singer interpolates the refrain of Marvin Gaye?s ?Sexual Healing?. Homage? Look out!

Later p.m.
Dinner, walk dogs for a long distance, best part of the day. Read ?Nietzsche, Godfather of Fascism?? As it?s contributors argue N is careful to make the distinction between Macht  (power, might, cultural, spiritual?prized) and Kraft (strength, brute force, political power?derided). Dictionary hopeless in this regard, meaning only comes from context. Taken out of context ?Will to Power? can mean almost anything. No wonder he was ?misused? by the type of people he would have loathed.

6.00 a.m.
Walk dogs.

7.00 a.m.
Do interview with ABC radio about M@W case. Talk back radio, people were ringing in with their opinions (5 a.m. Australian time). They seemed pretty reasonable given they were awake at that time of the morning. The average Aussie on the street seemed mildly aggrieved at their iconic song (the M@W one) being dragged through the mud. Me, nervous and not on top form, too early?blundered through. None of the callers had read my blog I wouldn?t think.

8 a.m.
Short drive to work. Listening to Immortal Technique ?I made a mistake?. Resolve to find out who wrote the backing track. The Impressions, 1964 from the album ?Keep on Pushing?, though a lyric search brings up the ?Bob Marley lyrics? page (who covered it). Curtis Mayfield? Had to do a lot more searching to find a site that attributed the song to him. I.T. seems to have sampled someone else?s version however or got some dudes to rerecord it and made it sound old and scratchy. Great song(s). Who would have thought sampling could uncover such musical ignorance on my part?and then the web to cure at least some of it.

11.00 a.m.
Go on line to buy Impressions album containing above-mentioned track. Currently unavailable. Well I tried.

12.30 p.m.
While home for lunch see an ad on the Documentary channel for ?Good Copy, Bad Copy??on sampling it would seem. Heads up, this Sunday 9.30 pm.

2.55 p.m.
Feeling irritated. Banal ditty about a Kookaburra and ode to Aussie machismo not easily dislodged (ohrwurm, earworm). Taken all in all, the latter is a remarkable piece of imagination (is quite singular in its overall demeanour, its rhymes, its word setting, vocal tone, stylistic combinations) irrespective of what else it is, which is what I said to the good people of Australia awake at 5 a.m. this morning?which they seemed to find reassuring. But as for the earworms? I?ve suffered enough.

3.00 p.m.
I post this blog. I go home to rehearse.


p.s. and nearly all of this is true.

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