Feb 1 2010

February 1, 2010.

Happy new year! As per last missive I have been off the radar over the break period. I can report that my feet touched neither sand nor sea during that time, and I took but one overnight fishing trip. The rest has been painting, gardening, walking the dogs and . . . song writing. I can announce that what might pass for the next album is more or less written?10 songs and about 50 minutes of music so far (I have some extra texts lying around and might get around to setting them but its already getting a bit megalomaniacal, some songs are rather large hence the inflated minute count already). At this stage I am scarcely familiar with the material myself, so it might be great, awful or anywhere in between (do we ever know these things anyway?). I?ll find out when I return to each with fresh ears over the course of the new month, though I remember being happy enough with each one when I left it to move on to the next. If they are all tolerably good then another album should be on the cards for 2010. Will start rehearsing them with the rhythm section in the coming weeks.

We have some gigs coming up, confirmed thus far are
Sat Mar 13     Otago University Union Main Common Room
Fri Mar 19    Monte Cristo Room Auckland
Fri Mar 26     Bodega Wellington
Sat Mar 27     The Bedford Christchurch

There may be more added at a later date but I?ll let you know any more details as they come to hand. I haven?t been able to calculate it with any surety, but the Otago Uni gig is close enough to pass for the thirtieth anniversary of the band?s first public performance at that same venue. Who would have thought it?

Other news . . .
None really . . . or rather I?ll hold off telling you about it for now.

Cheers gd

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