Album commentary part 4

11) Tomorrow without you             
I wrote this lyric back in 2002 as a demonstration for students for how to get a song out of somebody else?s?a response song. Just as ?All messed up? ("Potboiler") is sung from the dumped female?s perspective... Read More
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Album commentary part 3

7) Socrates for a day (then I?ll go quietly)
I began the text for this in January 2008. In the preceding month I had been asked to write a musicological opinion on whether music in a National party propaganda DVD had breached copyright of... Read More
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Leonard Cohen part 1

Leonard Cohen

I thought I?d talk about the Leonard Cohen concert in Wellington last January. I?m really glad I got to see it, not only for the music itself but the audience reaction I witnessed. The crowd went wild after every song, the hits... Read More
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Otago Daily Times talks to the Verlaines

Shane Gilchrist of the ODT talks to Graeme about Corporate Moronic at

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